Low Maintenance

Unlike regular wood, Woodguard™ polymer coated lumber products never need painting, sanding, sealing or staining and it stays looking great year after year!

Strength of Wood

Our product has a solid wood core thus providing a product that is 100% structural… no reinforcements needed for support. Great for use in tree supports, vineyard stakes, crop aids, fences, play sets, deck framing, patio covers etc.

Durability of Plastic

Our proprietary Polyethylene coating protects the lumber inside. Common problems with regular wood can be avoided with Woodguard™.

  • No chipping, cracking or peeling
  • U.V. stabilized- will not fade in sunlight
  • Dark colors such as black and chocolate brown are not a problem

Dimensional Stability

Unlike standard treated lumber, Woodguard’s™ polymer coated lumber products will not warp, twist bend or split Will not rot – the lumber is treated; and our patent pending “weld-on” caps seal the ends of the boards and keep the moisture out. Excellent cold weather impact properties below -20F; does not become brittle in cold weather.

Wide range of colors available: white, tan, gray, green, cedar, redwood

  • Special colors available on quote basis
  • U.V. stabilized- will not fade in sunlight
  • Dark colors such as black and chocolate brown are not a problem

Easy installation- installs same as any wood product; you can saw, drill or nail our product just like wood; no special tools necessary. Child and pet safe! No splinters or rough boards to scratch or scrape; no harmful chemical treatments such as CCA, ACZA or ACQ to deal with.

About the coating

Woodguard™ is the only coating on the market made with Ultratech UV ultra-violet light blockers, which protect the plastic coating from fading, chipping, peeling, cracking, and prevent deterioration of the polymer itself. Woodguard CO-P2 is our special exclusive blend of two CO-Polymer polyethylene’s which when applied under heat and pressure create the toughest most durable finish available. Our coating is so tough that it will take a full hammer impact at a temperature of -30 degrees without cracking or splitting.

About our wood

Each Woodguard™ piece of lumber is carefully manufactured and graded by licensed WWPA inspectors, from spruce, pine or fir lumber. Our lumber receives the Woodguard™ patented process which includes a non-toxic Borate treatment that fully protects the post against dry rot and termites throughout its life. This “environmentally friendly” treatment will not leach into the soil, and after coating, the protective non-toxic Borates remain sealed in the wood for life. SPF grade of lumber is made up of: Spruce, Pine or Fir and is used in all of our structural applications where building codes are required. This material is rated either “standard and better” or “#2 or better” SPF.

Common uses for Woodguard™ Coated Lumber:

  • Equestrian / horse fencing
  • Privacy Fences
  • Rail fences; 4-rail, 3-rail, 2-rail, Virginia cross rail
  • Picket fences
  • Gates
  • Patio covers
  • Playground equipment
  • House and deck railings
  • Deck framing
  • Exterior storage sheds
  • Landscaping ties, posts, bender boards, etc.
  • Picnic tables
  • Anything you are building that needs to be weatherproof

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