How does Woodguard™ Polymer-Coated lumber rate against hollow PVC or vinyl fencing?

Hollow PVC loses its strength each year it is exposed to the elements. Conventional warranties only cover the appearance of the fence, not the strength. In cold weather and over time, PVC becomes brittle and weakens. PVC cannot be mechanically fastened to the posts due to the expansion and contraction of PVC in hot and cold temperatures. The strength of a fence is in the attachment of the rails to the post. Woodguard™ is much easier to install because it saws and nails just like conventional lumber. Woodguard™ is a perfect alternative to vinyl fencing and hollow PVC fencing.

Can I order products directly from Woodguard™?

Generally we do not sell directly to the public. Please visit our dealer locator page to find a dealer in your area. If you would like to become a dealer or if you cannot find a contractor/dealer or distributor in your area, please contact us.

Are using nails, screw or bolts into the polymer coating harmful?

Our plastic seals around all fasteners and our non-toxic Borate treatment protects the wood. You should never let the head of the fastener penetrate under the coating as this will void the warranty. Make sure the head of the fastener is secured tightly against the coating and your installation will be perfect. On bolts you should always use washers on both ends and never counter sink the head of the bolt.

How does your polymer-coated lumber hold up in cold/freezing temperatures?

Our Woodguard™ polymer-coated lumber has been tested in freezing temperatures for long periods of time, and we have found that the integrity of the product is not affected at all, partly due to our coating being made with Ultratech UV ultra violet light blockers.

Does Woodguard™ offer installation?

We do not offer any installation of our products. However, some of our products (IE: patio cover kits) do come with detailed installation instructions. Also, some of our dealer/contractors and distributors do offer installation.

Can I get a sample of a Woodguard™ product?

Yes, you can contact our Sales Department using our Contact Us page about obtaining a sample. We understand our products may be unfamiliar to some, and believe that if you can touch and see the product in your hand, you will understand why Woodguard™ will be the best option for you.

Does Woodguard™ offer hardware/accessories for your products?

Woodguard™ sells end caps for our polymer-coated lumber, as well as painted screws, SB-190 Sealant/Adhesive and powder-coated Simpsonbrackets to match the products. Our contractor/dealers and distributors will be able to assist you in obtaining these accessories, or use our Contact Usform for more information.

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